Catch a Buzz (buzz cut)                           $20

Get faded (short haircut)                        $29

Get Shagged (medium length)               $40

The Full Shebang (poo cut and style)   $60+

Bang it up (bangs only)                           $10+

Tame the beard                                        $20

Washed up (shampoo)                            $10

Blow-n-Go (blow out)                              $40+

Make it HOT (flat iron/curls)                 $35+

Get Bladed (full face shave)                    $35

Bossman Shave (luxurious shave)        $60+

Get Lit (highlighting)                               $115+

Just Dye (one step color)                         $100+

Double step (two step color)                 $200+

Special Mix (funky color)                        $30+

Color Camo (men’s color)                        $45

Olaplex treatment                                     $35+

Fix Your Mess (corrective color)       $100/hr